VIP Buyers Program

Our VIP Buyers Program 


The biggest purchase of your life is going to be you're home. We have rolled out our VIP buyers program because we feel the most important thing we as a real estate team can do for you is make your home purchase a successful one. What makes a successful real estate purchase?

1. The first and most important thing is making sure the home you purchase is one that you love and can see yourself in for many years to come.
2. Making sure everything is in place so the transaction goes smooth is something we really strive for. We want this experience to be and amazing one.
3. Christie, being a licensed appraiser will always look over values to make sure you're buying at or below Market. We do not want any of our buyers over paying or having an appraisal not come in at or below Value and wasting your time and money. 
4. Moving can be a costly expense so we always try and give some sort of moving credit for our buyers.
5. We will always have a net sheet that specifically educates, you the buyer, on tax rates, HOA, Mello Roos and your monthly payment.
6. Our "love it or leave it guarantee." If you don't love your home within the first 18 months of purchasing it, we will sell it for free.